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Massively Multiplayer by P. Aaron Potter by ghilbrae

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Esta reseña la publiqué en LibraryThing hace algún tiempo. Recibí el libro a través del Member Giveaway con el compromiso de escribir la reseña a cambio de recibir el libro  gratis. Está en inglés pero ahora no tengo ganas de traducirla…

I received this book through LibraryThing’s Member Giveaway and I didn’t  know what to expect. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the  book. It is a fast-paced entertaining novel focused on an MMORPG. As an  MMORPG player myself, a Guild Wars player, I was very interested in  reading a book with such a game as main theme.

Three stories are intertwined in the book, the story of the company  developing the game, Archimago, which is under new management and  suffering the attacks of a hacker and the stories of both Andrew, a  player, and Druin, his character in Crucible.

I think that these three stories are well developed and how they  influence and mix with the others is done in a way that I never felt  that one was intruding when it interrupted another, in fact, in the  second part of the book it all has a very nice sense of convergence.

I’d like to say that the game experience was very ‘real’ and I could  easily picture the taste and feel of the game, for me it was a mixture  of Guild Wars, Oblivion and Baldur’s Gate in their next century  versions. I just wonder when is Crucible 1.0 coming out… It was also  real from the point of view of how some players approach the game they  play and, certainly, of how their parents complaint about it, at least  my parents did when I was at college.

Just to summarize, I really enjoyed the book, I strongly recommend it  to other players, though I think that it can be enjoyed by players and  non-players alike. It is an easy read with some interesting ideas on  game development, game playing, the power of companies accessing our  equipments and their EULAs (or sell your soul to the devil if you want  to play my game).


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